Once upon a time, in startup-land, there lived some very frustrated venture capital partners.

Being hands-on, incubator-type VCs, they were often personally involved in helping their portfolio companies achieve the next stage of funding.

To do so, each of these busy gentlemen made regular visits to other VCs, shook hands, did lunch, downed cocktails, and held formal meetings up and down the coast. Once a week, the partners would meet to share information and help each other reach their respective goals. They would wrack their brains and memories pouring over spreadsheets, phone records and calendars to figure out who knew whom, when they last spoke and what was discussed.

It was unorganized at best.

So the partners tried out various popular CRM systems but nothing worked. They installed a variety of contact management systems too,

but again nothing answered their needs. Still at 'square one' the now very grumpy partners determined that the solution they needed wasn't a system that would merely track a single project to fruition, but a solution that would track every project and their entire networks. It was time to move beyond guesswork to a reliable and scalable system.

And of that need, Rexter was born.

Rexter CEO Andy Wilson was one of those exasperated partners. His network of over 3,000 contacts was impossible to manage even with his brilliant networking skills and detailed spreadsheets. With the help of CTO and co-founder, Danny Bouganim, and a team of leading scientists, they built Rexter: a system that would not only aggregate all of Andy's contacts in one place, but also measure the

strength of each relationship, log interaction history and track the progress of his many projects.

Thanks to those frustrated venture capitalists, now all professionals with large networks of contacts can have all the information they need at their fingertips, without the grumpiness. With Rexter's help, everyone can prevent important contacts from falling through the cracks and ensure their goals are achieved.

Less stress, more success!

*Please note - The Rexter product includes a patent-pending algorithm that effortlessly measures relationship strength per contact by analyzing your relationship activity, and translates this information so that you complete your projects faster and with a great deal less friction. It does not include frustration, inefficiency or reliance on memory; these 'add-ons' are not compatible with Rexter.